Frequently Asked Questions



Why is it important to buy organic cotton instead of regular cotton?

Here at bittle D, we care about your health and the health of your children and your children's children and, well, you get the point! We were astounded to learn that non-organic cotton, also known as conventional cotton, is grown using pesticides, which are disgusting chemicals that seep into the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the soil the food we eat grows in. And these pesticides cause all sorts of health problems - even cancer!  

We  found it important to make our shirts 100 percent organic cotton because cotton crops are exposed to more chemicals than any other crop and account for 25 percent of the world's pesticide use. Gross! The cotton used to make our shirts is OE (Organic Exchange) 100 certified, which means our products are made from 100% organic fibers that have been tracked through the production chain and segregated to prevent commingling with other fibers. Nothing but the real thing!

Is it worth it to pay more for products made from organic cotton since they are generally more expensive?

We consider ourselves budget fashionistas, but when it comes to our health and the health of our one and only planet, we are willing to throw a few extra dollars in the pot -- and we hope you are too. We want you healthy and fabulous, and we don't want any disgusting chemicals anywhere near you. Think of your bittle D Tee as your defense against all the yucks in life...well some yucks  at least. We're still working on an adequate defense system against other unpleasant things like ex-boyfriends and bad hair days.

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I wear a size small T-shirt in some brands and a size medium T-shirt in other brands. How do I determine which size bittle D Tee will fit me?  

We love the convenience of online shopping, but nothing beats stripping down in a store  (in a dressing room - we mean!) and trying on clothes to see how they really fit. Luckily, we’ve included a sizing chart below, so grab your tape measure and play seamstress for a day to determine which bittle D size works best for you. 

When in doubt, order a size larger than usual. Cotton – especially organic cotton – is known to shrink a little bit, even if you follow our care instructions perfectly. Like a brand new puppy, bittle D Tees instantly grow attached to their owners, which means as soon as you wear them once and wash them, they may feel a bit more snug the next time you put them on. It’s their version of a big bear hug, we promise.





Extra Large

Shoulder to Shoulder

15 ¼”

16 ½”

17 1/2”

18 ½”

Shirt Length

24 ½”














What if I wash my shirt and it shrinks so much that it doesn’t fit? 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to follow the care instructions. If you don’t, your bittle D Tee could end up so small that you would you need to hand it over to your little sister or donate it to a children’s charity. Hey – that wouldn’t be so bad, though.

What happens if I’m too small to fit into a size small or too full-figured to fit into a size XL? 

Every woman in the universe (yes, women on Venus, if you’re out there, we’re talking to you!) should be able to wear a bittle D Tee regardless of body type. Every shape is beautiful in our eyes, and we hope you see things the same way! If you need a size custom-ordered, feel free to e-mail us at, and we will do everything in our power  to get a custom-made shirt to you that fits even if it means setting up a kiln in our office and hand-spinning it ourselves. 

What happens if I receive my shirt but it doesn't fit?   

For starters, you could give it to someone you know who would enjoy it bittle D Tees make great gifts! We kid, we kid...well, kind of. In all seriousness though, you can send your bittle D Tee back to its home in the warehouse and exchange it for another size, BUT please read our exchange policy (below) carefully before sending your bittle D Tee on its treacherous voyage through the mail. 

What if the shirt I want is out of stock?

If we could control the universe, there would be an unlimited supply of bittle D Tees at our fingertips at all times in every design and size imaginable. Oh, wait – we don’t control the universe. Must make that the first agenda item at our next meeting. If the shirt you want is out of stock, please e-mail us at and we will give you an idea of when you can expect the bittle D Tee of your choice to become available. 

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Will I be able to track the status of my order?    

Like overprotective parents, we keep a close eye on our precious bittle D Tees, and the last thing we want for them (and our customers especially) is to be lost in the mail. We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for our domestic shipping and for addresses outside the USA. Tracking numbers are included.

How long will it take to receive my order once I place it?   

In a perfect world, we would snap our fingers and your bittle D Tees would magically appear on your hot bodies/doorsteps the minute your orders are placed, but we haven’t mastered that trick yet.  So here's how it works: All orders placed Monday through Friday before noon - the early bird catches the Tee! - we will ship the following day. All orders placed after 12 p.m.  Monday through Friday, any time of day Saturday and any time of day Sunday will ship in the following two business days. Business day = any day BUT Saturday and Sunday.

We offer two shipping options for addresses in the United States:


Standard Shipping

(7 to 10 business days)

1-3 Tees


4-6 Tees


7+ Tees


For expedited shipping options, please email us at

*Please note, orders placed after 12 p.m. on Fridays will not ship until Monday morning even if the expedited shipping option is chosen.

Do you ship outside the US?   

Ciao, Bonjour and Hola to our International customers! We love traveling the world, and our adventurous bittle D Tees love a good trip, too. We ship to all countries, all over the world via USPS because we realize that bittle D girls are everywhere. Shipping costs can be determined using the shipping calculator on the shopping bag page. There is only one shipping speed for International orders: 6 to 10 business days. If you need your shipment sooner, please e-mail us at and we will do our best to make it happen.

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 What is your return policy?  

Our bittle D Tees hate being sent back to the cold warehouse after they’ve found a home as warm and comfortable as yours. If for some reason, you need to exchange your bittle D Tee for another size, place the shirt in the original envelope or a different envelope if you've already thrown that one away and affix a new label addressed to:

bittle D  

84 Golfview Drive

Ivyland, PA 18974

Your package must be postmarked within 10 days from the date you receive your order. Please include your name, phone number, address, and please indicate the size you are requesting. Please also make sure the hangtag is still attachedbittle D Tees don’t like traveling back to the warehouse with a piece of them missing, and they will not be processed for an exchange if the hangtag is detached.

What if I want a full refund instead of an exchange?

Because we are a brand new homegrown mom and pop (well, sister and sister) shop with limited man- and woman-power, we can only offer size exchanges at this time. Once we are as big and colossal as your favorite department store, we can offer more return options so our customers remain as happy as they can be.

Can I return my shirt if I have already washed it? 

Once our bittle D Tees set foot in your washer/and or dryer or water of any kind, they are yours forever. So please determine if they fit before washing, and pay close attention to laundry care instructions before they take the plunge. 

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What if I don't see my question in this f.a.q. and still need an answer?    

If you have any additional questions, we would love to help you out! Please email us at with any questions, comments or concerns.

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