Our Story


Meet "BIG D"

Dorothy Cascerceri is a New York City-based on-air entertainment personality on television and radio. She is also the host of her own talk show Celebrity Corner. When she's not dishing the latest on Brangelina on nationally-televised shows like Entertainment Tonight, Headline News, and The Wendy Williams Show, she's frequenting Manhattan's restaurant scene, playing volleyball  and working on her first novel. 

Dorothy got her entrepreneurial start at age 8 — around the time Danielle was born. She built her first business by plucking tulips from gardens around her neighborhood, wrapping the stems in tin foil, knocking on her neighbors' doors and selling them bouquets. "My, those flowers look familiar!" was an expression she heard often.

Even though some of her ideas were far from perfect – or profitable – Dorothy always knew she would start her own company someday.


Danielle Cascerceri is a media planner and buyer in Philadelphia when she's not running bittle D from behind the scenes. As the mastermind behind the playful T-shirt ideas in the bittle D line, Danielle has once again demonstrated her knack for finding creative ways to make people smile - much like the Thanksgiving dinner when she shocked her family by showing up in full pilgrim attire with an Indian and Turkey costume for Dorothy to choose from as well.

It wasn't always easy starting a business as a college student, but Danielle knew it would be worth it. Take for instance a sunny spring day when she was playing kickball with friends on the university's quad, while also hopping on and off conference calls with Dorothy and bittle D's legal team. Not your average college co-ed!

When Danielle isn't dreaming up and sketching new shirt ideas, she can be found making her friends and family laugh, cheering on her alma mater Quinnipiac University and traveling the world.